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SerVC’s values and beliefs are built on the motto “Small VCs need the same services as big VCs”. Therefore, we provide all services from back-office to execution, CFO, controller, portfolio management, bookkeeping, legal advisory and investor relations by highly experienced venture capital industry professionals who are leaders in their field, with a wide-ranging perspective.

Our specialists have considerable financial expertise as CFOs and controllers at VC funds, allowing us to assist you in navigating the complicated fund accounting ecosystem.

Our team is eager to meet with you and help you tackle your next financial challenge!






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Fund Administration

Our fund administration solution offers a complete and holistic service for VCs: from bookkeeping, financial statements and management company through portfolio management up to analytics of the portfolio companies and building software for VCs:

  • Valuation of portfolio companies for the financial statements
  • Management Fees calculation according to the LPA including catch up and late payment Interest and deemed contribution (if any)
  • NAV Calculation
  • Preparation of Profit and Loss statement
  • Fund’s IRR calculation
  • Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Annual audit information for the auditors as well as ongoing communication
  • Traditional fund administration services and more.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio team is analyzing every investment round (cap table, SPA, AOA) with SerVC’s software to present the results on three levels:

• Fund Analytics

• Per Portfolio Company

• Portfolio Summary

We present complete information about each and every round of the portfolio companies including:

  • Cost – Amount invested in each share class
  • Current valuation per share class
  • Pre and post money valuation
  • % Holding per round
  • Original and valuated PPS
  • Lead investors

Software Capabilities

SerVC has created a unique proprietary software developed especially for VC and PE requirements for the following purposes:

• Portal
  • Each investor receives his own account 
  • Publishing reports and documents to the investors, such as capital calls, cash distribution, financial statements, portfolio updates and more.
• Portfolio Management software

The software is based on a dozen years of experience in portfolio management in large VC firms.

Fund Bookkeeping

Our Bookkeepers have extensive experience in the VC industry. We summarize the LPA for financial purposes and maintain the following records:

  • Bookkeeping for the fund according to the Tax Ruling and the LPA
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Prepare a quarterly trial balance
  • Capital Calls & Distribution
  • Maintain valuation in the book

Management Company

SerVC administers the management company, including the GPs’ budgets and tax planning:

  • Budget vs. Actual
  • Salary payment, social benefits
  • Monthly reports to the authorities
  • Travel Expenses report an allocation of expenses
  • Ongoing monthly payments for Income Tax, National Insurance & VAT
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash flow and Tax planning for the company and its GPs

CFO & Controller

Our Controllers and CFOs are VC industry professionals who can help navigate the complex ecosystem of fund accounting.

  • Fund models – We have created a number of tools to build and analyze fund’s models for fundraising and models for follow-on reserves for investments during the fund’s life cycle.
  • Answering the investors’ questionnaires
  • Calculation of: Management fees, catch-ups, late payment Interest, Carried Interest, discounts for LPs
  • Gross and Net IRR

Financial Investor Relations

SerVC’s CFO and Controllers are familiar with all the investors’ requirements, needs, side letters, etc. The CFOs are involved in the annual general meetings and get to know the LPs and their needs.

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